powder blue chinoiserie toile iphone case

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powder blue chinoiserie toile iphone case

powder blue chinoiserie toile iphone case

OnePlus hopped aboard the dual-camera trend and outfitted its latest OnePlus 5 with two cameras: a standard 16-megapixel shooter and a 20-megapixel telephoto lens. We took it around Boatique Winery in Kelseyville, California, and San Francisco to see just how well they work. And for more info on the phone itself, check out CNET's OnePlus 5 review. In this scenic and sunny photo, colors are vibrant, objects are clear and the lighting is excellent. The bouquet is colorful yet true-to-life and the flowers are in focus.

In this closeup shot, you can see the center of the flower is in focus, but it can stand to be even sharper, In this indoor image, you can see some blurred areas, like the center of the roof and the people in the background, In another indoor scene, this time much darker, objects and people are clear enough, However, the skin tone looks a little orangey, With the focus on the center flower, the strawberries and grape still look sharp, The white balance on this plate of ceviche can powder blue chinoiserie toile iphone case be brighter and more white, but the food looks great..

With the 20-megapixel telephoto lens, I can zoom 2x into the ceviche without any loss of clarity. Each almond crumb in this strawberry horchata elixir is clear and I like the focus on the closeup shot. Zooming in closer on the almond crumbs with the telephoto lens. Here, I test out the OnePlus 5's portrait mode, which uses the telephoto lens to have a short depth-of-field effect. The result is a blurred "bokeh" background. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus' dual cameras do this as well. The effect can get patchy around objects with tricky outlines (especially around flyaway hairs, for example).

Overall though, the effect works well on the OnePlus 5, and it gives pictures an artsy, dramatic look, The camera's standard lens has a wider aperture (f/2.6) than last year's 3T model, meaning the camera can take in more light, As such, low-light pictures were great (even besting the Google Pixel at times), and the 5 had excellent exposure, white balance and clarity, The fruits in this shot look bright and striking, Dolmas lookin' delicious in this shot, Another vast landscape shot that the OnePlus powder blue chinoiserie toile iphone case 5 (and most premium phones) can handle easily..

Even though this shot is only lit by a candle and some backlight, the objects in the foreground are still easy to make out. You can see the close detailing of the glitter in the front mask with this closeup shot. Another food shot. I like how clear the onions and jalapenos are in this one. The bodies in this Keith Haring sculpture are striking and radiant. Taken in dim lighting, you can see some digital artifacts in the image, and details are lost in the sponge of the cake. In addition to the slimy and glossy caterpillar, you can see a lot of detail in the gravel road around it.


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