evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - blue reviews

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evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - blue reviews

evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - blue reviews

Google thinks that can produce insights that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, if you went to a classical music concert on a whim last year, Google's feed might show you a story on on an up-and-coming cellist that might pique your interest again. Or, if you're planning a trip to Japan, Google's feed could show you an article from 10 months ago about good spots to take photo in Tokyo. "The key issue here is this feed is really about your interests," Gomes said. "It's not really about what your friends are interested in, which is what other feeds might be."You might wonder if because your Google search history is in the driver seat, some sensitive stuff might pop up. Google said the feed won't pick up certain topics, like porn or hate speech, and it won't infer anything about your religion or sexual orientation.

For now, Google's feed is rolling out only in the United States, but internationally in the next few weeks, Road Trip 2016: Reporters' dispatches from the field on tech's role in the global refugee crisis, Road Trip 2015: CNET hunts for innovation outside the Silicon Valley bubble, The search giant is trying to tread on Facebook’s territory, evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - blue reviews even as the social network faces criticism for its handling of news, Facebook already tailors its feed of news, sports scores and viral videos to show you what you want, Now Google is going to do it too..

By default, the "+" button for a song or the "+ADD" button for an album adds it to your library but doesn't download it for offline use, but you can change this. If you want everything on your Library tab to also be available when you are without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, head to Settings > Music and toggle on Automatic Downloads. I would advise doing so only if you have an iPhone with lots of storage space or if you are particularly choosy about what you add to your library. You can choose which headings are displayed at the top of your library. Tap the Library tab and then tap the Edit button in the top right to choose which items to add or remove. I find the Genre header, for example, to be useful for my browsing habits. And if you are a fan of classical music, perhaps you'd like Composers to be shown.

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete a radio station you created, They get dumped in the Recently Played area of the Radio tab, which gives you no option for organizing or deleting your stations, I suppose if you don't play a station for a while, it'll eventually get bumped off the Recently Played grid, but I wish Apple would give me a way to edit my stations evutec aergo ballistic nylon iphone x tough case & vent mount - blue reviews as well as those it created for me, You might be wondering where the shuffle and repeat options disappeared to, Before the app's redesign this year, they were readily available on the Now Playing panel, Now you need to scroll down a bit to see Shuffle and Repeat, You'll get to them before the lyrics and well before your Up Next song queue..

You can use Siri as your Apple Music DJ. You can ask Siri to play you a song or an album or a playlist, but you can also perform more advanced searches. Siri can act as a digital Casey Kasem and play the hits from any year. Tell Siri, "Play the No. 1 song from 1989" or "Play the No. 1 song from September 1984," for example. You can also tell Siri to "Play the rest of this album" and Siri will queue up all of the other tracks from the album of the song currently playing. Don't overlook the two search filters -- Apple Music and Your Library -- when searching for a song or album. Apple Music is the default option, but if you've built yourself a halfway decent music library, you can quickly zero in on your search target by choosing Your Library.


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