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But one of Bixby Voice's biggest strengths is learning more about what you actually want to do. Say something like, "Post my latest selfie to Facebook," and Bixby prompts you to choose what you want from a list. I selected the option to share a photo from a gallery. It opened the gallery, chose the share tab and created a new Facebook post with the most recent selfie. Continue the conversation with Google Assistant. Google Assistant shines when it comes to having a more natural, contextual conversation. Ask it to find movies with Sean Connery and it provides the list. You can then ask a follow-up question. "How tall is he?"The Assistant knows the "he" you're talking about is Sean Connery and provides the results. Siri won't be able to remember the context of what you asked previously.

Bixby Voice needs a particular sentence structure to get the movie results, If you say, "Show me Sean Connery movies," b&h iphone case it searches for videos on your phone, but if you ask, "What movies has Sean Connery been in?" or say, "Search the internet for Sean Connery movies," it brings up web results, If you ask Bixby Voice how tall he is, it doesn't understand that your query is about Sean Connery's height, But Bixby Voice does have an advantage when it comes to understanding the context of the app you're using, Say you're watching YouTube and press the Bixby button, On screen you'll see that Bixby knows you're in YouTube's context rather than the native context, Say "Show me my subscriptions" and it knows you want to see your YouTube subscriptions..

This is a much more even playing field for the assistants. All three can send and read messages out loud if you're using the default messaging app, but Siri is by far and away the fastest here. Say "Read my latest message" and Bixby and Siri do this right away. Google Assistant first shows you the message, then asks if you want it read out loud. Siri in iOS 11 also excels at translating from one language to another. Say "How do you say where's the bar in Spanish?" and you'll get the translation on screen as well as an audio recording of the phrase.

At the time of writing Siri can translate English to Spanish, b&h iphone case Mandarin, French, Italian and German, Don't go thirsty if you don't speak the language, Google Assistant has more languages at its disposal thanks to Google Translate, Like Siri it provides audio and text of the translation, Bixby Voice can't understand me when I ask "How do you say 'where is the bar' in Spanish?" or "What is 'where is the bar' in Spanish?", It simply searches the web, If I ask it to translate, it opens Bixby Vision so you can point the camera at text in another language for it to translate, You can ask Bixby to open Google Translate, but there's no functionality yet to form a request like "Open Google Translate and translate happy birthday to Spanish."Best iPhone 7 cases: Protect your precious phone with a spangly new case..

9 things Alexa can't yet do: Our wishlist of features Amazon needs to add to its smart assistant. It’s a battle of the voice assistants. See how Siri compares to Google Assistant and the new kid on the block, Bixby Voice. "Hey Siri, who's the best voice assistant?"Talking to your phone can be way easier than typing in many situations. Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby Voice are the three big voice assistants available on phones so let's see how they compare. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.


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