ballet pendant

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ballet pendant

ballet pendant

Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale: Presents a sing-along concert, “Carols in the California”; 7 p.m. Dec. 13; California Theatre, San Jose; $26-$36; 408-286-2600, Oakland East Bay Symphony: Annual holiday show “Let Us Break Bread Together” honors folk legend Pete Seeger; 5 p.m. Dec. 14; Paramount Theatre, Oakland; $15-$55; Magnificat: Presents Francesco Cavalli’s “A Venetian Christmas Mass”; Dec. 19-21 in Palo Alto, San Francisco and Berkeley; $30-$35; 510-528-1725,

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, which received rave reviews last year, ballet pendant returns for 2015, The show features Gregory Popovich and 30 trained animals including dogs, cats, geese, birds and mice in a comedy/circus act, Richmond native Alex Ramon Magic debuted two years ago at this event, and is back this year with his unique brand of magic, Other favorites returning this year include Fantasy Forum Actors Ensemble, who will perform their interactive version of “The Crimson Pirate;” the Emmy award-nominated Pushcart Players, who will perform the classic “Alice in Wonderland.”..

“Britney,” subtitled, “a Snarky Musical Adventure,” does get a bit snarky, but mainly with Britney’s mom, who emerges as something of a stage mother from hell, who bought a swimming pool with Brit’s first big paycheck. “And I never saw my dog after that,” Britney says, adding that mom also made her rehearse long beyond the point where her perky blondness drooped, and threatened her with career failure if she reached for even a small slice of pie. The show does not feature Spears songs, but serves up both pop songs in the Britney style — “Millionaire Whore” — and Broadway homage numbers, which are hilarious and delivered with the sort of self-referential humor that will delight musical comedy fans.

Sidner may be a familiar face to Bay Area TV news viewers as she worked at KTVU (Channel 2) before taking on her role with CNN, Sidner talked to students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications in the morning and toured the Spartan Daily newspaper offices before the afternoon award presentation at the Dr, Martin ballet pendant Luther King Jr, Library, Covering stories for the cable news outlet isn’t dramatically different from working local stories the way she did back in her days at KTVU, Sidner said, except, of course, having the entire world to cover as opposed to just the Bay Area, The basics of “what I do right now is no different from when I was working at Channel 2,” she said, “Except now everything is happening lightning fast.”..

Roman received a scholarship to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), and has lived in the States since (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco). Two years ago she and her husband bought a house in Rockaway. “It’s the best neighborhood in the Bay Area,” Roman said. “My commute to San Francisco is short and most importantly, we can walk to the ocean in 10 minutes. We are very happy here.”. When Roman was 4 she saw a dance film. “It sold me on dance for life,” the dancer noted. —I didn’t realize dance could be a career until I moved to the United States and got a scholarship.”.


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