nico iphone case

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nico iphone case

nico iphone case

Unlike the Surface Pro, the Galaxy Book includes its keyboard and stylus in its base price. Not to be confused with the Microsoft Surface Book above, the Samsung Galaxy Book is like a Windows 10 tablet packed inside the body of an iPad. It includes the keyboard and stylus (the same one that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3) in its base price, however its keyboard case doesn't hold a candle to the Surface Pro's set of keys. Ditch the Moleskine and swoop one of these high-tech stylus-toting slates.

Some people just prefer the handiness of a stylus; maybe you're an artist who draws online comics, a writer who depends on handwritten notes or a germophobe who doesn't want to smudge the screen too much, Whatever the reason, you have a few options if you're interested in buying a tablet you can scribble on, Below you'll find a list of Windows, Android and iOS tablets that might suit your needs, Just note that some styluses, like most accessories, are sold separately, Be nico iphone case respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Google is expanding the features in its search app's news feed. The feed itself isn't new -- Google introduced a basic version of it in December that shows you content you might be interested in, based on your Google searches. But on Wednesday, Google expanded the feed to include "follow" buttons so you can keep tabs on different public figures, like President Donald Trump, artists like Kendrick Lamar, or TV shows like "Game of Thrones."For news stories, Google will now also show you articles from several different outlets -- along with fact-check stories -- to give you different perspectives. (Facebook does that too.).

Google's app update comes at a time when the web's top sites have been more under fire than ever, Facebook, the world's largest social network with 2 billion people using it each month, has been particularly accused of fostering fake news and nico iphone case "filter bubbles" -- the idea that Facebook warps your view of the world because your news feed shows you things you tend to already agree with, Even Google's YouTube as well has been criticized for allowing racist and hateful messages to spread unchecked on its service..

That's probably why Google's positioning this initiative as an extension of search, instead of its high-profile Google Plus social network, which ultimately didn't catch on. "Learning about a topic doesn't happen with a single query," Ben Gomes, vice president of engineering for Google search, said during a press event in San Francisco on Tuesday. "Learning about a topic is a process that happens over time."Because it's a part of search, the way Google's feed works is different from how Facebook works, too. Facebook shows you a mix of things shared by your friends and pages you "Like." Google's feed depends on its almighty search algorithms, as well as info from other Google services, like Google Maps data, Gmail, or YouTube searches.


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