look at you! iphone case

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look at you! iphone case

look at you! iphone case

In this close-up, macro test, both the OnePlus 5 and Galaxy S8 produced sharp focus on the fine details around the metalwork and fibres of this dartboard. There's no real difference between the two phones, however the Pixel isn't able to focus quite as close, so its shot had to be taken from slightly further away. This is something to note if you love getting right in amongst your macro subjects. The OnePlus 5 achieved a good focus on the flower up close, but it struggled to keep the bright highlights under control. The pinks on the petals have lost their details, resulting in the unattractive 'patches' of colour. The S8 has a similar problem, albeit to a lesser extent. The Pixel's shot is darker overall than the other two, but it kept those pesky highlights under control for a more balanced shot overall.

Both the OnePlus and Galaxy S8 took good portraits in the standard camera mode, The OnePlus' shot is slightly brighter, with lighter shadows that make for a more attractive portrait overall, The white balance again erred slightly on the warmer side, which makes me look more tanned than normal, Personally, I don't mind a phone artificially making it look like I've spent some look at you! iphone case time on the beach, but it's not the completely "honest" and natural photo you might be looking for, As for the Pixel, it produced a much darker shot which I don't like as much..

Up close on the same portrait shot, it's again evident that the OnePlus 5's camera doesn't handle fine details as well as the Galaxy S8. You can only really tell the difference when you zoom right in though. So if you're viewing pictures on your phone's screen, on Facebook or on Instagram, you'll almost certainly tell no difference at all. For portrait modes, the difference in cameras is much more noticeable. These modes artificially blur the backgrounds to achieve the "bokeh" look you'd get from a DSLR. It's clear that the OnePlus's shot lacks contrast and detail altogether. The OnePlus fell slightly behind the iPhone 7 Plus in our 'dual-camera shootout', although it wasn't as marked a difference as it in this test. In addition, CNET editor Lynn La noted in her OnePlus 5 review that it did a notably better job at taking portrait photos compared to the Galaxy S8.

But for this round the S8 was the clear winner -- at least for me, Though the blur effect isn't as strong as the others, it's brighter and the bokeh effect is more controlled around the edges of my head, making it look more natural than on the Pixel, Low-light scenes are always challenging for phones, as their small sensors struggle to capture enough light to properly look at you! iphone case expose a scene, All three phones did a great job here, however, Although the OnePlus' shot is slightly darker than the others, it's the sharpest of the three when you look close at the details, The noise reduction is excellent, too, In this scene, the Pixel's shot is the brightest of the three, with the most accurate colour tones, This may be more important to you if you simply want to show off your candlelit meal on Instagram as quickly as possible..

This is the same scene with the flash turned on. The OnePlus has again achieved the sharpest shot. The warmer white balance gives a more natural colour tone, too, with the S8's blue tint looking cold. The Pixel managed to mix in some of the ambient light, as well as the flash, allowing the guitar in the background to still be clearly visible, despite it being too far away for the flash to have any effect. Neither the OnePlus or Galaxy S8 were able to achieve this, and it results in a more pleasing image overall as a result.


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