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iphone screen protectors apple store

The Loop requires a case. The Lazy-Hands sort of does as well, unless you're OK with Velcro stuck to the back of your phone. No go? Prefer to keep your phone "naked"?. Try a Spigen Style Ring. This is one of those picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words products, so I'm not going to bother with a lengthy description. Just see the photo to instantly understand how it works. The bottom line is the Spigen gives you an easier, safer one-handed grip for your phone. But, wait, there's more. Unlike the Ninja Loop, the ring doubles as a kickstand -- nice for those who like to read or watch videos hands-free. It also comes with a hook-mount so you can hang your phone on, say, your dashboard. (It comes with an adhesive hook-mount for that very purpose.).

The downside, of course, is that your phone won't lie completely flat when you set it down, The only real problem with the Ring is the price: $25 (converted to around £19, AU$32) when purchased directly from Spigen, But Amazon currently sells them for $15, a little more reasonable, This is the Ungrip, which provides a soft fabric loop into which you insert a finger, Kind of a cross between the Spigen ring iphone screen protectors apple store and the LoveHandle, the Ungrip consists of a small plastic plate that attaches to the back of your phone and a fabric loop attached to that plate, It's not rigid like the ring and not as tight as the LoveHandle -- and therefore a bit more comfortable than either of them..

The downside is that you finger doesn't quite so easily work its way into the loop: It's harder to "catch" by touch alone. What's more, Ungrip adds a bigger bump to the back of your phone, but doesn't afford the ring's kickstand capabilities. Ungrip comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and the loop is actually removable from the base, so you can change it out if you want a different look. Unfortunately, you can't buy just replacement loops; it's the whole kit or nothing. As of this writing, the solid-color Ungrips sell for $10 each (around £8, AU$12). Patterns cost $12, and "specials" run $16.

One thing to keep in mind as you shop for a grip is how it will affect your car-mount situation, For example, I currently use a magnetic mount that requires a metal plate stuck to the back of my phone case, This precludes the use of just about every product here except the Ninja Loop, which is flat enough and thin enough that it doesn't interfere with the magnet, However, LoveHandle offers an optional mounting clip (though, annoyingly, provides iphone screen protectors apple store absolutely no information about where or how it can be used), while PopSockets sells the similar PopClip, which would allow your phone to mount to a dashboard, And the Spigen ring, as noted, comes with something similar, so it's car-friendly right out of the box..

You could probably rig up something -- perhaps one of the various 3M Command hooks? -- for the other products as well. Just keep in mind the design and depth of the grip and how it might affect any car mount you already own. A change might be necessary. Have you found a one-handed grip option you like better than these? Name it in the comments. Editors' note: This article was originally published on December 26, 2016, and has since been updated. Having a hard time operating that big screen single-handed? These clever accoutrements can help, at the same time making drops less likely.


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