iphone screen protector replacement

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iphone screen protector replacement

All that being said, this makes for the single most comfortable finger-powered phone grip I've ever tried. And if you squish the loops together a little bit, they can double as a kickstand. Lazy-Hands comes in a variety of styles, with the 2-loop versions priced at $9.99 (converted to £7.50, AU$12.50) plus shipping. The LoveHandle, shown here in all black, relies on a stretchy band to give you a secure grip. In between the Lazy-Hands and Ninja Loop (below) lies the LoveHandle, a small, self-adhesive plastic strip with a stretchy band attached. It's available in a huge variety of colors and patterns and is priced at $9.95 (around £8, AU$12). That's for the regular size, which can accommodate one or two fingers; there's also a longer "XL" version that costs $13.95.

You can also create your own, complete with custom text and/or images along the band, for $14.95, I like the LoveHandle because it's less obtrusive than Lazy-Hands and doesn't span nearly the full length of your phone like the Ninja Loop, The stretchy band gives you a secure grip, but I found it a little constricting after longer periods; my fingers got a little uncomfortable when I was reading a book, for example, I suspect more users would be happier with the Ninja Loop, but if you don't mind a slight bump on the back of your iphone screen protector replacement phone and do want a ton of color/style options, this is worth a look..

I've been a fan of the Ninja Loop for a long time, mostly because it solves my grip problems without adding any weight or bulk. Oh, yeah, and because it's all of five bucks (£8, AU$14 with shipping). Which makes sense, because the Loop is little more than a strong strip of fabric. It works like this: You stick one end of the strap to the inside of your case, then feed it out the camera hole, down the back side and back in through any available opening in the bottom. The other end affixes to the inside of the case, same as the first.

These two ends rely on strong adhesive to provide the necessary tension, yet I had no trouble peeling up one end to adjust the fit -- and it left behind no residue, Then you just slip a couple fingers in between the strap and case and presto: a solid one-handed grip, It comes in a variety of colors and styles, and you can even order custom designs, Yes, it's almost ridiculously simple, but it's also one of my favorite smartphone accessories, You can order a custom PopSocket for iphone screen protector replacement just $15, A very popular "write-in" candidate from the earlier version of this roundup (see the comments section), the PopSocket is a flat, self-adhesive plastic disc that "pops" out to give you a two-fingered grip and a stand, the latter always a welcome perk..

Like the LoveHandle, it's available in a wide assortment of colors and styles, and you can customize your own. (The photo at right shows one I had made up for my business.) Prices range from $10 to $15 (around £8-£12, AU$12-AU$19). The PopSocket feels very flimsy, though, made of the cheapest, thinnest plastic I can imagine for something like this. I also have a feeling that constantly "popping" the gripper will eventually make the adhesive let go of your phone -- though I haven't done enough long-term testing to know for sure. But user ratings on Amazon average to around 4.2 stars, so it's definitely a well-liked product. It's just not my preferred choice.


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