bubble gum sneaky french bulldog in green iphone case

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bubble gum sneaky french bulldog in green iphone case

bubble gum sneaky french bulldog in green iphone case

The Facebook Marketplace. Many police stations have "exchange spots" in their parking lots, so people can meet up safely. Even if your's doesn't have a designated exchange area, meeting in the parking lot of your police station, in clear view of security cameras, is the safest way to meet a stranger. Never give someone an item and allow them to make payments. Exchanging the money and the item at the same time is always your best bet. Pro tip: If they say they'll pay you when they get their tax return, they'll probably never pay you.

I'm not talking about trying the item that's for sale, I'm talking about the seller, Before posting that you want an item, click on the person's profile and look for the telltale signs of a scammer, Here's what to look for, Before you sell and before you buy, always bubble gum sneaky french bulldog in green iphone case do your research, See what the item is selling for new, If you're buying, ask how old the item is and if there are any defects, Then compare the offering price to the price you would pay at a store, If it just doesn't seem like a good deal, then pass..

Sellers, you should list your price appropriately. If the item is brand new, still in the box, discount it a few dollars. The older it is and the more damage it has, the more you should discount the price. A good way to give the fairest price is by checking around the Marketplace. Take note of what other sellers are pricing similar items for and get as close as you can to those prices in your listing. Pricing poorly can lead to angry comments at best and ruin your reputation as a seller at the worst. Some people actively hunt down posts by sellers they don't like and try to sabotage sales. So, it's best to stay on people's good sides by being fair and honest.

This tip is from a hardcore Marketplace buyer and seller: show potential customers proof, Don't just snap a photo of the item, Go the extra mile, A picture of receipts, labels and appraisal letters will help you get top dollar bubble gum sneaky french bulldog in green iphone case for your item, For example, if you're selling a vintage Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, then you should include a photo of the dress's label in your post, People need proof, Without it, buyers may think you're sketchy and lowball your price, People are notorious for changing their minds when selling stuff on Facebook, They'll tell you one price in their post, but when you message them, they up the price, Then they won't message you for a few days, and then raise the price again..

Samsung has touted its iris scanner as one of the best ways to secure your phone. But that's exactly what the hackers from the Chaos Computer Club say they did. The hackers used a photo shot in night mode and from a medium distance, about the same range that would pop up in a Facebook profile picture or a selfie. They then printed out a closeup of the person's eye and put a contact lens over the iris on the paper. The lens is there to replicate the eye's curvature, the Chaos Computer Club said in a blog post this week. Someone then held up the piece of paper to the Samsung Galaxy S8's iris scanner, and it unlocked as if a real person had looked at it.


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