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best ballet slippers hot sale

Tickets are $27 general admission, $25 seniors and $15 students. Call 925-757-9500 or go online at Drama Factory to open ‘Daphne’ July 15 . ANTIOCH — The Drama Factory presents “Daphne” July 15-23 at the Nick Rodriguez Community Center theater, 213 F St. The play was adapted to stage from “Ovid” by John Ballesteros, who also directs the Greek drama. Tickets are $10 general admission, $8 for seniors. For more information, go to

His exhibition will be on view through Aug, 30, Also at the center is a show of life-size and highly detailed portraits of multiple generations of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park residents created by Oakland artist Joel Daniel Phillips, Phillips is in residency at the art center through Aug, 29, The Palo Alto Art Center is at 1313 Newell Road, Hours are 10 a.m, to 5 p.m, Tuesdays through Saturdays, with extended hours until 9 p.m, Thursdays, and 1 to 5 p.m, best ballet slippers hot sale Sundays, Call 650-329-2366 or go to

A year earlier, the 34-year-old had a roof over his head, serving as a building security officer and living at 2551 San Pablo Ave., less than half a mile from the encampment. But on March 27, 2017, Jarvis and as many as 100 of the city’s most vulnerable residents at the halfway house found themselves on the street and scrambling for housing after a five-alarm blaze ripped through the three-story building, killing four people and injuring six others. Dozens of those displaced residents have joined at least nine lawsuits against the city of Oakland, the building owner, the lead nonprofit who leased the apartments and other individuals and corporations who they say allowed the building to fall into disrepair and become a deadly fire hazard.

The Wild West was a theme of exposition openings and Berkeley vigorously participated with men and women donning what they regarded as authentic old west and early Californian garb, portraying “rollicking cowboys and cowgirls and Spanish senors.”, The West Berkeley celebration was accompanied by a “traveling hoosegow” which stopped, “tried” and fined people for not dressing appropriately, Local businesses ran elaborate ads in the Gazette offering exposition-themed sales and promotions, Since growing “western” beards was a new craze, the proprietor best ballet slippers hot sale of Garibaldi Restaurant ran a photograph of himself with luxuriant whiskers and mustache, and offered free dinner to any young man who came in similarly hirsute..

THURSDAY: This week’s new episode of “Mom” is titled “Foot Powder and Five Feet of Vodka.” Christy’s search for the perfect Secret Santa gift leads her to discover Adam has been hiding something from Bonnie. (9 p.m., CBS). FRIDAY: Season 4 of the family comedy “Fuller House” picks up shortly after the events of Season 3. Kimmy is now a surrogate to Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby, and D.J. and Steve are finally ready to start dating. (Netflix). FRIDAY: Are you ready for “The 87th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade”? It’s a massive procession down Hollywood Boulevard, with fancy floats, marching bands, celebrities and bloated balloons. (8 p.m., The CW).


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