arq 1 iphone case

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arq 1 iphone case

The Unicorn Team researchers from 360 Technology, China's leading security company, discovered they could hack phones when they switched from modern LTE wireless networks to older, slower 2G technology. Of course, our phones do this all the time when the signal's weak, although you may not notice when it's happening. Still, if hackers take advantage of the opening, they're able to send text messages and phone calls from a victim's phone number, the team said during a presentation at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas Thursday.

The hack works because of the way your phone rushes to keep a connection running when it switches between network technologies, said Lin Huang, one of the researchers on the team, Typically, when a phone wants to connect to a wireless arq 1 iphone case network, it needs to send an authentication codes that identify it as the correct phone using your number, the researchers said, But, when a phone switches between slower and faster technologies, it skips that authentication step, Huang's team found, in order to keep your connection as stable as possible..

Perhaps the worst thing Huang and his team found out is that if a hacker successfully takes over your phone number, you may never see it. The "Ghost Telephonist" attack, which Unicorn Team named, can cause several headaches for victims, the researchers found. After taking over your phone number, hackers could use it on their own devices to gain access to many of your online accounts. You can find accounts on social media by typing in a phone number, for example. The Unicorn Team took it a step further, and requested to reset a password by phone on Facebook. Facebook automatically sent a text message to the phone number -- which Unicorn Team had hijacked -- and used it to take over the social network account.

Intolerance on the Internet: Online abuse is as old as the internet and it's only getting worse, It exacts a very real toll, It's Complicated: This is dating in the age of apps, Having fun yet? These stories get to the heart of the matter, There are calls and text messages coming from your phone number that you never made, Meet the “ghost telephonist.”, When it comes to the "Ghost Telephonist," it's spookier than "the calls are coming arq 1 iphone case from inside the house!"They're coming from your own phone number..

Samsung Galaxy S8 sales are up over where the S7 was last year. According to Samsung, "the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have outsold the Galaxy S7 series in almost all regions," and the S8+ accounts for more than 50 percent of the S8 line's sales. But Samsung's largest profit area is in components, chiefly memory and displays. Samsung reported earnings growth in its Memory Business via SSD and DRAM sales, and growth in Display Panels thanks to both high OLED demand for phones and a growth in larger UHD LCD sales for TVs.


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