american flag, old glory in dark worn grunge iphone case

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american flag, old glory in dark worn grunge iphone case

american flag, old glory in dark worn grunge iphone case

Cows in Japan now have a shirt to help them battle the summer heat. Called Ushi-ble, the shirt is made of a "feel-cool" material often found in sportswear. The shirt, which covers the cow's neck and shoulders, has a sensor installed that monitors the dampness of the material. When it becomes too dry, water is pumped through a tube so the cow is drenched. It vaporises later to bring the cow's temperature down by approximately five degrees. Tests done by Gunze and the Kyoto Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center have proven Ushi-ble effective in minimising the consequences of heat stress in cows. For example, while milk production usually falls by around 10 percent during summer, a reduction in the decline is observed in cows donning the shirt.

Tech wearables aren't just for cattle, In 2015, apparel company Lukla Endeavour developed a jacket that comes with aerogel insulation -- a NASA technology -- that keeps its wearers warm in cold climates, The following year, Singapore startup, Tware, designed a massage jacket that pounds its wearer's back on the go, Crowd Control: A crowdsourced science fiction novel american flag, old glory in dark worn grunge iphone case written by CNET readers, Solving for XX: The tech industry seeks to overcome outdated ideas about "women in tech."A Japanese apparel company designed a shirt for cows to help them beat the summer heat so they keep producing milk..

T-Mobile and PBS join forces to give wireless coverage to millions in rural areas. "Moves like this will help us expand our network into these underserved areas and give consumers a new level of wireless coverage and choice," said Neville Ray, T-Mobile's chief technology officer. Currently, federal legislation does not fund the cost for the low-power facilities that are needed for make local broadcasts reach remote rural areas. T-Mobile has pledged to cover these costs, which will lead to 38 million people getting wireless access that would otherwise not have it.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai commended the partnership saying, "Today's announcement is precisely the kind of cross-industry cooperation we need to ensure a smooth transition for broadcasters, american flag, old glory in dark worn grunge iphone case wireless providers and American consumers."T-Mobile and PBS partner to supply wireless coverage to millions of people in rural areas of America, Thursday, PBS announced a partnership with T-Mobile to supply wireless coverage and access to public television to rural parts of America, The wireless carrier T-Mobile will help cover the costs to expand coverage to millions of people in remote areas, ensuring availability of public television and programs like "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", "Masterpiece" and "PBS NewsHour"..

Apple hasn't forgotten about improving performance, especially if we compare the iPhone 7 Plus with its first iteration. For instance, the camera quality is much better. I mean, c'mon, have you tried portrait mode? Storage size went from 8GB to up to 256 GB; now you have multitasking capability and fingerprint scanning technology, and Apple even had the "courage" to remove the audio port. Without a doubt, the iPhone has become a staple in the smartphone industry. With all the changes it has gone through, what do you expect to see to come from Apple next? Are you more interested in improvements in design or performance and functionality?.


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